A Good Chat

A good chat with a friend this morning . . . why do people insist that hard questions can’t be asked, what are people afraid of . . . that they might be doing it wrong? why is the instinctive approach to those questioning people to ‘find a place to control them’? Check this article […]

Introverted Leadership

I totally connected with this description of life as an introvert: Introverts benefit from familiar touchstones. For me, a feeling of familiarity with a situation helps me engage in the situation in an effective manner. So I always try to be familiar with the material I’m covering in every meeting. If I’m attending a conference […]

Live Your Mission, Don’t State It

The problem with most mission statements is that they are full of jargon and platitudes that apply to any organization, not just the one they were written for. Don’t wring your hands over the wording: focus on action instead. A mission statement is an abstraction. An organization on a mission is inspiring. Think about what […]