Set Free at Work

Why: it really is possible to set the human spirit free at work How: by focusing on the intersection of the employee and the organization; for the organization this means exploring organizational design – for the individual this means pushing the boundaries of empowerment What: together this requires tending to the org’s culture first and […]

The Keara Project

The Keara Project is all about “improving the lives of children with multi-system genetic disorders.” Overview – The Keara Project is a multi-faceted approach to helping children and families affected by multi-system genetic disorders. A multi-system genetic disorder is a disease or disorder affecting more than one system of the body. This project will be […]


Observation: a lot of time is spent thinking about vision, then we jump to the execution. What if we infused a bit of strategy in a way that supported high quality implementation. After all ‘executing’ an idea sounds like we want to take vision to the guillotine. So remember, keep it simple but ask your […]