Beside the Ditch

Strategy – it helps you to get clarity on the picture you are moving toward, it helps you identify where the ditches are, BUT it doesn’t let you know how many bends in the road there are, and it doesn’t always let you know the people who are on the journey with you. Incidentally the […]

Great Expectations

Expectations are set with the intent of creating something. For leaders moving from ‘central controlled’ to creating the environment that releases ‘self managed teams’ to have the freedom to decide there are some key expectations that those teams will have: A leader that has an organizational view for growth A leader that can link activities […]

Change Management

Here are six questions any Change Management Team should be asking themselves whenever walking through change. These questions are to gage the effectives of the team not the effectiveness of the change. Having been on several CM teams and NOT seen this done I would say there should be a cry for better team evaluation. […]