Lauren the Author

Here is the list of books that Lauren has decided to write: – Purple, Green and Yellow – Purple, Black and Yellow – The Fire Station – Fifty below Zero – 50 Hundred to 60 Hundred Yes, all of them are children’s books!

Culture Reject

There are times when you just don’t fit. Culture has a way of being both inclusive and exclusive. As a culture reject you may feel excluded more often than included. Is it because you have such radically different experiences than others? Is it simply the ‘wiring’ you were born with? You may be a culture […]

Argentina . . . where art thou?

I find myself loaded with work throughout this intense year. Therefore I have neglected the posting. But nonetheless, here I am in Argentina on an International Study Week. My observations of the country thus far: – the country seems to be on the brink of ‘could be good’ or ‘could go all wrong’ – I […]