Take a Break

Always good to have a break. This year is a career break to focus on education. Not everyone has that luxury and I’m not sure it’s a luxury for me. It’s something that I value and think is important and therefore here I am. Now having said that, what an intense time this has turned […]

Seasonal Changes

Right here in the midst of winter we are wanting a change, every year it happens. I lived in one of the coldest places in Canada for years and it was what people yearned for . . . a seasonal change. Unfortunately winter often lasted 5-7 months there. Our lives go through seasons as well. […]

Take Control

Often people are admonished, chastised even, for not taking control of a situation. This correction deals with the heart of empowerment. The difficulty is when the definition of empowerment is under question. My dictionary says empowerment is “to equip or supply with an ability; enable”. In practice though I think often the word empowerment is […]