What I learned today . . . banks have us over a barrel.  To recap, banks make rules by throwing darts at a peg board (no not a dartboard because that would make sense).

In case you missed it, the key learning today was “velocity of money” which does not mean dropping gold bars from a plane.  Simply put it means banks print money and we should look down, way down, on anyone that puts a conservatory on their house.  Oh and Americans aren’t all that bad? Didn’t their philosophy of life get us in this mess in the first place?  Sending that shot out there since there are no Americans on the course (ah to be fair I would do it anyway).

If there was a second learning, ummmmm it was . . . . ummmmm, oh yeah . . . . Germany is taking over Europe using simple (really, simple?) economics to cause everyone to “hand them the keys to the house”.  That pretty much sums it up.