Observation: a lot of time is spent thinking about vision, then we jump to the execution. What if we infused a bit of strategy in a way that supported high quality implementation. After all ‘executing’ an idea sounds like we want to take vision to the guillotine. So remember, keep it simple but ask your team these 5 questions:

Step 1: Past

Recognize what happened in the past, ‘the way it worked’ or ‘how things got done/moved forward’

Step 2: Now

Understand where we are and what works, what doesn’t work

Step 3: Future

Envision the ideal place you want to get to or picture you want to achieve

Step 4: Goals

Measure, quantify, describe the path to get to the picture

Step 5: Initiatives

Create the means to walk the path

*** Hey, don’t forget to get feedback and modify the plan all the way down the path and enjoy the journey!