Old or growing up?Here’s the one we all want to talk about. Who will be the first to stand up and claim ‘I am emotionally mature’ . . . no thanks! This takes a lifetime but look at the definition here.

Emotional Maturity: The ability to master emotions and cope with stress in a way that instills confidence, motivates, and enhances group effectiveness.

Very actionable. Think in terms of sincerity and in terms of resiliency. These are the traits that instill confidence. Renewed determination and open communication invites others to join the task, to keep pressing on in the face of adversity. The leader that lets emotions sway their resolve for the future day to day is not doing anyone a service and makes it difficult for others to know what they should think. Having said that, down the road here we will examine the personality components of Birkman and we know that the involvement of feelings comes more naturally to some than others. We know that some want to use feelings in their decision making. Reminder . . . as leaders we must ever be thinking of others.