One wonders what happens when theory is put into practice. Does it work? Will it be successful? All the books have been read but assimilated? In the right order so that what comes out makes sense? Here is the latest question: is the leader’s role internal or external? Simple right, both. 

How does it work then. Well here are a few random (hopefully not so random) thoughts. The leader’s role is external primarily. It is three parts, bring in resources (money and people), bring in partnerships, and bring in reputation. The three work together of course but the key is bring. I’ve worked for leaders who believed it was enough to attract these things. I ask you, how is that setting the organization up for success? Well it’s not, you need to bring that resource to the team. 

Great transition sir, to the internal. The leader’s job is to always be building the organization. This means three things: build the culture, remove obstacles, empower everyone’s success (remember the external stuff, yeah that). Your team knows what to do, they’ve been hired for it and trained for it. Your job is to serve them as the leader. This means, wait for it, moving furniture so they can do their jobs. This means, doing yours in a way that makes theirs easier and brings greater joy. It means empowering them for success. 

Internal or external? They enable one another. The team ultimately creates an organization that attracts all three things in your job. All you have to do is go brag about them!