Many organizations are interested, nay obsessed with having a vision for the future. It’s a great picture of idealism with some version of what they feel is important to them today. 

Immediately the crafting of that all important mission begins. Complicated and an attempt to articulate some version of strategy, the mission becomes all encompassing. Strategic planning sessions are held. A strategy of sorts is “updated” every 3-5 years. All with a view to ensuring the organization marches forward toward some clear goals that are only understood in the original language/understanding of the mission. 

What if? Wait for it! What if that was all garbage? What if the best your organization could hope for is an idealistic view of the future? What if you then relied on every person in the organization to work toward that picture? Would that picture have to be crystal clear? Could you handle letting “outsiders” be the primary informers of that picture? What if those outsiders were your clients constantly telling you what they need? Could you stretch yourself then?

I want to believe you could. I want to believe you would surround yourself with incredible talent. I want to believe you’d want to be “myopically” focused on your clients. That you would allow them to inform both the present and the future. 

What if your clients were central to the development of vision and your staff were central to achieving that ideal?

I want to believe that organization would be doing incredible things!