leading culture . . . managing people . . . building teams . . .

Master of Business Administration:
An MBA from Ashridge Business School in the United Kingdom, a school that specialises in executive education with an emphasis on leadership and organisational design.

Strategic Influencer & Communicator:
With enthusiasm and commitment, acts as a compelling change agent. Applies a variety of influencing techniques to different types of stakeholders.

Strong Team Builder:
With tenacity and personal conviction, acts as a ‘people developer’ to establish a healthy culture of ‘change champions’. Encourages, motivates and creates opportunities for others to learn and deliver high quality results. Drives for continuous improvement. Balances staff and organizational needs.

Cross Cultural Leader:
With organizational and cultural insight, strategies have been developed that align vision to defined road maps to deliver organizational objectives.

Effective Manager & Problem Solver:
A high quality of service and performance is promoted and delivered in self and others. As a strong problem-solver, information is systematically gathered with technical resources to support solutions that can be communicated to business leaders.

Birkman Certified Facilitator:
The Birkman Method® is the industry-leading personality assessment that facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career and talent management and interpersonal conflict resolution. It accurately measures productive behaviors, stress behaviors, underlying needs, motivations and organizational orientation.