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Birkman Certified Consultant:
Doug is an expert with the Birkman Method® assessment.

• Every Birkman Certified Consultant completes Birkman Method Certification Training. Certification provides accreditation to access the advanced Birkman reporting – individual, comparative, and group reports.

• The Birkman Method® is a personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment identifying behavioural styles, motivations, expectations, and stress behaviors. This assessment provides an integrated, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive analysis that often eliminates the need for multiple assessments.

• The Birkman Method® provides a wide range of non-clinical applications for measuring human behaviour and occupational strengths via a series of related report formats that facilitate team building, executive coaching, hiring, leadership development, career counselling, interpersonal conflict resolution, and other applications.

• The Birkman Method® consists of ten scales describing occupational preferences (Interests), 11 scales describing “effective behaviours” (Usual behaviours) and 11 scales describing interpersonal and environmental expectations (Needs or Expectations). A corresponding set of 11 scale values was derived to describe “less than effective” behaviours (Stress behaviours).

• The Birkman Method® questionnaire consists of 298 items, is delivered online, and takes about 45 minutes to complete.

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